Coffee Table

Back in December we got this awesome Lack coffee table from IKEA. We never had room for a coffee table in our last apartment so we are both excited to have somewhere to put our feet up. I was also excited at the prospect of decorating the new addition. I find that I have very few spaces to put things on top. Most of our furniture is shelves or something that I can’t really do a display on.

First of all I loved this table because it brought out the dark in our rug. Let’s discuss this rug for a moment. I LOVE it. Like seriously, favorite thing in the house. It has great patterns and colors that match so much decor.

So when I first got the table I had a rectangular basket-weave tray on it. I knew I wanted to put these cute wicker balls in a bowl on it but my first attemp just looked. . . Lonely? Boring? I knew it wasn’t complete but I still just hated the components.
Coffee table before
One day I went to Target on lunch and found everything I needed to fix it right up -Thank you Nate Berkus! All the pieces are Nate Berkus for Target except the wicker balls. They are an IKEA special that I picked up during our big trip in Decmeber. I’ll talk more about that specific trip in another post though. Here is my latest coffee table arrangement that I am so in love with.


What I love about this is that it is a mix of round that I think works perfectly together. I love the colors did textures and think they really help to pull from the rug as well. My favorite is the mix of textures between the basket, the bowl, and the urchin.

I also think this is a good size for the table. I didn’t want a huge arrangement that was overwhelming and looked cluttered. God knows I have enough clutter in my life and it doesn’t need to be in the room I entertain in.

Overall I am very excited with it. What do you think? Is it missing some fresh flowers? Or do you prefer simple and clean coffee tables?


Bathroom Organization

I am not the most organized of people. My fiancé on the other hand is. Our bathroom counter was becoming a bone of contention due to my, ahem, mess. I have a fair amount of make up and a ton of jewelry and hair products that typically line my side of the sinks. Exhibit A.
Yes, that is the Urban Decay Naked pallet. I am totally obsessed, but I digress. . .

I have been looking for a while to find a make up bag that was big enough for me to stick everything in but not be hideous. Enter Layla Grace. a friend directed me to this site for a completely different product (iPad cases, they sell ’em). While I was browsing I found these awesome Petunia Pickle Bottom Travel Train Cases.

I ordered one faster than you could say “get your mess under control Halley.” It came today and I wasted no time throwing out my old disaster and putting everything into this cutie. The best part is that this grey goes perfectly with our bathroom decor and it has a coated fabric that can be wiped clean. We all know that I am going to drop mascara and foundation all over it. I chose the one in the link above-the color/ pattern is called Berkshire.

Without further adieu here is my bathroom counter (my side at least) with my gorgeous new travel train case.

How do you guys keep all your makeup and hair products organized?

2012 Recap


This was our 2013 in a nutshell. At the top right you can see our house that we bought last March (OMG it’s almost been a year?!) Brian also ran in the marine mud run- do you like that I clearly am avoiding getting very close because of all the mud? We got engaged- yay yay! And went to the beach. I am kind of obsessed with crab legs- Don’t judge.

We are looking forward to lots more fun in 2013. More house decorating (new floors anyone?), more races for Brian and lots more trips for the both of us.


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We are looking forward to sharing a little bit of our lives here. Stay tuned for excessive pictures of our pets, lots of home decorating, food, and road trips.