My Favorite Food


That’s right, a BLT.

This just isn’t any ol’ BLT it’s perfect. I would like to outline for everyone what, in my eyes, makes the perfect BLT.

White bread – normal white bread, no Texas toast or other fat bread. Plain ol’ white.
Must be toasted
A little bit of mayo. Don’t glob it on, just the right amount to make the toast not so dry.
Tomato and lettuce – no special things needed just don’t over or under do it. Two slices of tomato is fine. It needs to cover the sandwich. Also just a couple pieces of lettuce, I don’t need a salad on my sammy.
Bacon- very important : it MUST BE CRISPY. Don’t serve me some wiggly bacon that I am going to have to chew through like a gummy worm. I like it to snap when I bite into if. Also 3-4 pieces is plenty. Again, don’t under or over do it.

Every time I order this at a restaurant my husband laughs because I specify: toasted on white with crispy bacon and light mayo. However every time I don’t I get something on non-toasted bread with chewy bacon.

Also I would like to point out that this delicacy is not just for lunch around here. No sir, this baby is my go to for breakfast. When Brian moved down here I realized how important breakfast was to him. Now we go out to breakfast every Saturday with friends. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am down with French toast and pancakes. I just don’t want them on the reg. Typically for breakfast just bring me a BLT. But make sure it is toasted on white with crispy bacon and light mayo.

What’s your favorite sandwich?


Week 8



Size: a raspberry
Morning sickness: It has been pretty bad although today I have felt much better. Could be because the hubs brought home some ginger ale.
Showing yet? nope although a couple pairs of pants feel tighter
Food: yesterday I realized I hated pork, along with most everything else. Today I had a BLT which means I don’t hate bacon. Basically I am still living off of peanut butter on graham crackers. Oh but yesterday I was making breakfast for the hubs (eggs, per the usual) and they were actually pretty good. I love to eat so all this food that is grossing me out makes me so sad.
Movement? negative
Sleep I have had weird dreams and have been sleeping pretty bad. I guess this is a preview of what’s to come? I just want to sleep soundly. Yesterday I did take a nap in the middle of the day which was heavenly.
Any other symptoms: I sort of have that metallic taste some people talk about. It comes and goes like most every other symptom.
Concerns? still nervous. We have our appointment next Tuesday (in 5 days) so I am anxious to go and have an ultrasound. I keep thinking that if I can make it to this next appointment and have everything look OK then we will be good.
Exciting things this week We told a couple of our friends – basically we had to since I was supposed to be running a 10K in 2 days and obviously will not be running. I also had to tell another couple friends since we were out to dinner and it was weird I wasn’t having a beer like everyone else. It was exciting to tell people but the excitement is still squelched until this next appointment.
Looking forward to Our appointment on the 29th and being able to tell people and be really excited without the worry.


Sorry to say but this is not the great update on the front of the house because, we’ll, it’s not done. I have been a little under the weather and getting pumpkins is last on my to-do list. However I will leave you with this fab pic of the animas snuggling with my sick self.


Ted is NOT a cuddly animal so this has been somewhat surprising. He must know I feel bad.

Anyone else spend Sunday snuggling with their animals?

Sneak Peak


I’m busy fall-ifying the front of my house. I’ll be back tomorrow with a full report of pictures. I will also discuss how I searched high and low for these particular mums. Aren’t they gorgeous?!!

Week 7

Apparently you get what you ask for. Yesterday the morning sickness rolled in and in full force.

I was standing in best buy returning some things and the line was moving so s l o w ! All of a sudden I was sure that I would throw up in the middle of the line. Luckily the line moved and I made it out puke free but I felt gross the whole day. That morning I had to do my make up on the bedroom floor in front of the floor length mirror.

I spend a good chunk of the rest of the day on the couch giving into the craving of chips and dip because everything else made me feel gross.

Now on to week 7:


Size: a blueberry
Morning sickness: A little bit. I have only felt nauseous once but a lot of the other times I have felt “yucky”. That’s the best way I can describe it. I told Brian that sickness is a-ok with me. I will gladly be bedridden and throwing up tons as long as is little blueberry grows.

Showing yet? not really, although I do think I look slightly fatter in the middle.
Food: carbs, carbs, chocolate and more carbs. Oh and chips and dip. I am convinced I am going to be fat.
Movement? not from the blueberry.
Any other symptoms: my boobs hurt so flipping bad. Seriously I went over to a friend’s house yesterday and when she hugged me when I left I literally thought I was going to die. They hurttttt. They have also gotten bigger. This should be something interesting to keep an eye on. Also I have been super emotional. Basically I cry at every episode of Army Wives that is on- I started from season 1 yesterday. Awesome.
Concerns? still worried but a little less so since I felt like vomming in public yesterday. I think I will be really nervous until 12 weeks and then I still think I will worry until week 40. I keep reading statistics of miscarriage: women under 35 have a 15% chance (source). The chance of having a miscarriage in weeks 6-12 is 5%. Also the chance of having a second miscarriage is about 13%. (Source) Hopefully this means things will be OK.

Week 6

As I write this I am 6 weeks 2 days. It has been a week since my first appointment where I was told everything looked ok. Fingers are crossed. I am just extremely nervous. I want to be excited and happy and thrilled but I just can’t get there yet. I am way too fearful that something is going to go wrong.

Still not feeling any symptoms. My boobs were sore for the last couple weeks but that seems to have mostly gone. As silly as it sounds I would much prefer to be so sick that was constantly nauseous just so I know things were OK. Last time I felt a little queasy for a couple weeks but it suddenly stopped. And then a few days later the cramping and clotting happened, and it was over.

Last time we were so excited I was immediately planning the nursery design and we were talking about names. I started taking pictures super early because I wanted to document everything. That quickly changed and I wanted to forget it all.

So happy 6 weeks. 12 can’t come soon enough. Hopefully our little bean just grows and grows and we get to the next check up fine and clear.

Succulent Addiction

I am a self proclaimed succulent addict. I just love them and think they are so perfect inside and out.

Several months ago I took a class at Home Depot about how to grow succulents.

3181 I was so excited. Honestly when we started the class we were talking a lot about succulents and we’re really planting much. I was kind of bummed out that I wasn’t getting to plant something awesome and bring it home. However, our teacher really blew me away when she brought in her own succulents which had become overcrowded in her pot. She gave us all a couple hens and chickens.  (The large ones in my pot below). I was absolutly thrilled that I had something to plant.

We also learned that you can plant just one leaf of a succulent and it will grow. I was absolutly astonished. This is my final product which has been growing for several months. It has come a long way from the inital hens and chickens and the leaves that I started with.

3379 The three identical ones are my hens and chickens. (You can see the biggest one has a shoot growing off of it) The two tiny purple ones came from leaves that the instructor at Home Depot gave us. They have become real little plants! I was also excited to see that when I planted a green leaf they turned purple. Lastly, the other two single leaves and the three other ones are all from my wedding bouquet. Yep, even my wedding bouquet had succulents in it.


Overall I am thrilled that I haven’t killed them yet. (I have a black, not green thumb) and that I am getting to keep a little piece of my wedding day alive- literally!

Ok, time to fess up – who else is totally obsessed with succulents?


PS if you want to keep up with my succulent success or my other fun follow me on Instagram- @halleywhite