Week 6

As I write this I am 6 weeks 2 days. It has been a week since my first appointment where I was told everything looked ok. Fingers are crossed. I am just extremely nervous. I want to be excited and happy and thrilled but I just can’t get there yet. I am way too fearful that something is going to go wrong.

Still not feeling any symptoms. My boobs were sore for the last couple weeks but that seems to have mostly gone. As silly as it sounds I would much prefer to be so sick that was constantly nauseous just so I know things were OK. Last time I felt a little queasy for a couple weeks but it suddenly stopped. And then a few days later the cramping and clotting happened, and it was over.

Last time we were so excited I was immediately planning the nursery design and we were talking about names. I started taking pictures super early because I wanted to document everything. That quickly changed and I wanted to forget it all.

So happy 6 weeks. 12 can’t come soon enough. Hopefully our little bean just grows and grows and we get to the next check up fine and clear.


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