Week 7

Apparently you get what you ask for. Yesterday the morning sickness rolled in and in full force.

I was standing in best buy returning some things and the line was moving so s l o w ! All of a sudden I was sure that I would throw up in the middle of the line. Luckily the line moved and I made it out puke free but I felt gross the whole day. That morning I had to do my make up on the bedroom floor in front of the floor length mirror.

I spend a good chunk of the rest of the day on the couch giving into the craving of chips and dip because everything else made me feel gross.

Now on to week 7:


Size: a blueberry
Morning sickness: A little bit. I have only felt nauseous once but a lot of the other times I have felt “yucky”. That’s the best way I can describe it. I told Brian that sickness is a-ok with me. I will gladly be bedridden and throwing up tons as long as is little blueberry grows.

Showing yet? not really, although I do think I look slightly fatter in the middle.
Food: carbs, carbs, chocolate and more carbs. Oh and chips and dip. I am convinced I am going to be fat.
Movement? not from the blueberry.
Any other symptoms: my boobs hurt so flipping bad. Seriously I went over to a friend’s house yesterday and when she hugged me when I left I literally thought I was going to die. They hurttttt. They have also gotten bigger. This should be something interesting to keep an eye on. Also I have been super emotional. Basically I cry at every episode of Army Wives that is on- I started from season 1 yesterday. Awesome.
Concerns? still worried but a little less so since I felt like vomming in public yesterday. I think I will be really nervous until 12 weeks and then I still think I will worry until week 40. I keep reading statistics of miscarriage: women under 35 have a 15% chance (source). The chance of having a miscarriage in weeks 6-12 is 5%. Also the chance of having a second miscarriage is about 13%. (Source) Hopefully this means things will be OK.


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