Week 8



Size: a raspberry
Morning sickness: It has been pretty bad although today I have felt much better. Could be because the hubs brought home some ginger ale.
Showing yet? nope although a couple pairs of pants feel tighter
Food: yesterday I realized I hated pork, along with most everything else. Today I had a BLT which means I don’t hate bacon. Basically I am still living off of peanut butter on graham crackers. Oh but yesterday I was making breakfast for the hubs (eggs, per the usual) and they were actually pretty good. I love to eat so all this food that is grossing me out makes me so sad.
Movement? negative
Sleep I have had weird dreams and have been sleeping pretty bad. I guess this is a preview of what’s to come? I just want to sleep soundly. Yesterday I did take a nap in the middle of the day which was heavenly.
Any other symptoms: I sort of have that metallic taste some people talk about. It comes and goes like most every other symptom.
Concerns? still nervous. We have our appointment next Tuesday (in 5 days) so I am anxious to go and have an ultrasound. I keep thinking that if I can make it to this next appointment and have everything look OK then we will be good.
Exciting things this week We told a couple of our friends – basically we had to since I was supposed to be running a 10K in 2 days and obviously will not be running. I also had to tell another couple friends since we were out to dinner and it was weird I wasn’t having a beer like everyone else. It was exciting to tell people but the excitement is still squelched until this next appointment.
Looking forward to Our appointment on the 29th and being able to tell people and be really excited without the worry.


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