Maternity clothes

Today it was supposed to snow. We basically got nothing. While the lack of snow was a disappointment my bump sure wasn’t. Today was the first day I wore a piece of maternity clothing. Yes, I will be 21 weeks tomorrow, and yes I don’t really look pregnant. It was exciting for me. Thanks to Stacy for letting me borrow clothes to fit this bump when it gets big- that will happen, right?


And to those wondering, yes, my hair is chopped.


Real Problems (why I don’t work out)

So when I used to work out with my hubs and friends we did crossfit-ish workouts. (I say -ish because let’s be honest, I am not nearly athletic enough to do crossfit stuff). Also please don’t be confused as this phase lasted maybe two weeks?

Anyhow I refused to use my fancy “speed rope” and do any jump rope activities. Why you ask? Because I would pee my pants.with.every.jump. Yea, eff that. No one likes dirty pee pants (name that movie).

Now that I am pregnant I pee every time I sneeze or cough.

Ya win some, ya loose some, I guess.


There are certain things about a new year that get me extra pumped up. One of those is getting a new planner. Ever since college I have used a planner. In college I used these awesome ones from Wal-Mart. Yes that was not a typo. These were $14 and had a month view and a day view. In college I needed a whole page for each day because I was busy. I was the over-achiever involved in EVERYTHING. So having a little slot for each hour was perfect for me. The only downside of these is that they were ugly- as in plain black.

Now I have a new planner obsession: Erin Condren Life Planners.


I love that it is customizable. It’s so much more fun to carry around and use when there are all kinds of pictures on it of things I love.

Here is the back


I left my cell phone in the shot so you could get a general size idea.

Anyhow I am so excited and it already has me feeling like 2014 will be super organized.

Do you have a favorite planner you use or do you prefer to do it all electronically? Let me know!

Week 18



Morning sickness: I thought I was out of the woods because last week was awesome but yesterday it really hit me again. I felt awful and didn’t want to eat anything- what’s new though! Luckily it’s comes and goes and is very rare. A welcome change since the last time I blogged.
Showing yet? Well a little. I no longer look fat like I did from about 15-16 weeks. There is a tiny bump. Also two people touched my stomach this week so I guess there is something there. We had a Christmas party where I ate a lot for the first time in weeks and that night was a HUGE difference. Since then it comes and goes throughout the day.
Food: I literally hate everything that is good for me. All I want is the shit they say to avoid. Not kidding. Example: not only do I want only seafood but I want fast food seafood. McDonalds fillet o’ fish Sammie with extra tartar sauce please. I know, I am disgusting. I also have just recently (in the last week) discovered Coke. If you knew me before you would know that I was a Pepsi-in-a-can-only girl. Yea, now I want coke, from the fountain. But I will take it in a bottle. So I have to stop myself from over indulging. Also I love cereal. Not healthy Kashi but stuff like cinnamon toast crunch or frosted mini wheats. I am going to stop talking about this because its depressing. Think good thoughts for my appetite please.
Movement? negative
Sleep: I don’t really feel like I can complain. I don’t want to get up but I think that is because I have just been sleeping late due to the holidays. I still have weird dreams. Also now laying on my back is uncomfortable. Good thing I have always preferred my side 😁
Any other symptoms: Nothing really that comes to mind. I don’t want to eat is the biggest thing. In another post I will talk about the symptoms I had over the last 10 weeks.
Concerns? I am ready for our anatomy scan where we find the gender out – Jan 8th. We have an appointment with our dr on the 3rd so I will be glad to hear the heartbeat. I am not nearly as worried because I a getting bigger which has to be a good sign- right?
Exciting things this week: Nothing in particular, I am so so excited to design a nursery but that will wait till after we know if bean baby is a boy or girl.