Big things

I didn’t mean to go radio silent. Some big things happened, we got the townhouse and we moved. My mom has been generous with her time and energy and has been here since Monday cleaning and scrubbing and mopping every inch of this townhouse. Seriously y’all, I could not have done this alone. Instead of a mish-mosh of furniture and boxes it now looks like a home. Pictures to come soon.

Thanks for all the good thoughts as we waited to hear back on this place. I think we are going to love it here 🙂



Week 24


Morning sickness: It’s been mostly gone. A little bit at night before bed and this week have a had a bit in the morning. Although I think this week it is more stress than anything else.
Showing yet? Yes! How exciting! I finally look pregnant and not just fat. I really popped about 2 weeks ago it just happened overnight. Luckily I can still wear my regular jeans on most days. Also I tried a belly band and um, how do those work? My pants fell down haha!
Food: I want to shout from the rooftops I LOVE FOOD AGAIN. Last week I looked at Brian and told him I wanted a steak. That was a huge moment since I have hated every piece of meat except deep friend fish and chicken. Since then I have had two steaks thankyouverymuch and they have been excellent.
Movement? Yes! This is also incredibly exciting. I can literally watch her push up on my stomach. A couple nights ago she moved over to my right side, up by my ribs. What a crazy alien-like feeling.
Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty decent. I don’t think pregnancy is affecting my sleep much right now. I think it’s more other life factors.
Any other symptoms: Not really, other than having to pee constantly 😄 Oh and I think my belly button is going to be an outtie at some point. It is way more shallow than normal right now.
Concerns? Honestly no. She is moving a lot, our last appointment went well so I feel good. I do need to find a new doctor up here and I suppose that glucose test is soon. I’m just trying to not stress any of that.
Exciting things this week: Hopefully finding a home!

Overdue update

So a lot have things have changed since the calendar rolled over to 2014. Most notably is that my husband accepted a new position with his company – in the greater DC area. This of course means, that while I have neglecting this space we have been preparing for a move. I say preparing with almost a laugh. Nothing has gone smoothly.


First, our house is currently listed (yay!) with one of our good friends. We are so thankful to have someone we know and trust handling this part for us. Next, we have been searching for housing. This started out as this beautiful idea that we would find something short term while we waited for the house to sell and after that we would rent for a year or so or maybe buy a cute townhouse. Please, laugh at me. We were naïve. First of all the grater DC area doesn’t really do much short term housing- with the exception of corporate suites. That is kind of difficult when you have a cat and large dog (who happens to be a dreaded bully breed). Basically we quickly because frustrated, I cried a lot of hormonal pregnancy tears and we realized short term wasn’t gonna happen. In the midst of this I am trying to do the math to figure out what kind of short time housing would let us be out and in somewhere permanent by the time baby gets here. Aka I have been super stressed.

Well we were up here last week and started looking at short term options and finally found a gorgeous townhouse that we just said this is it. We put in an application. After waiting several days and getting pushed and pulled by the listing agent it didn’t work out. I will save you the details but lets just say who puts expensive e Brazilian cherry hardwood floors in a rental unit then says they will “consider” pets.

So for this first week Brian is staying in this really sweet extended stay. And by really sweet I mean holyshithowdopeopleextendedstayhere?! Anyways he came up Sunday and I came up Monday. Yesterday we looked at another property who of course doesn’t just want 12 months for a lease but 18. whatever. We put in the application and are crossing our fingers. Honestly this one is better than the other, it is closer to Brian’s work, as a fenced in backyard and a garage. Fingers are so crossed.

In other news the baby is doing well. We have picked out a name and I will reveal that in a few days. There have been lots and Los of kicks and punches. It is so neat to see your stomach move and stretch. 24 weeks today!