Week 24


Morning sickness: It’s been mostly gone. A little bit at night before bed and this week have a had a bit in the morning. Although I think this week it is more stress than anything else.
Showing yet? Yes! How exciting! I finally look pregnant and not just fat. I really popped about 2 weeks ago it just happened overnight. Luckily I can still wear my regular jeans on most days. Also I tried a belly band and um, how do those work? My pants fell down haha!
Food: I want to shout from the rooftops I LOVE FOOD AGAIN. Last week I looked at Brian and told him I wanted a steak. That was a huge moment since I have hated every piece of meat except deep friend fish and chicken. Since then I have had two steaks thankyouverymuch and they have been excellent.
Movement? Yes! This is also incredibly exciting. I can literally watch her push up on my stomach. A couple nights ago she moved over to my right side, up by my ribs. What a crazy alien-like feeling.
Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty decent. I don’t think pregnancy is affecting my sleep much right now. I think it’s more other life factors.
Any other symptoms: Not really, other than having to pee constantly 😄 Oh and I think my belly button is going to be an outtie at some point. It is way more shallow than normal right now.
Concerns? Honestly no. She is moving a lot, our last appointment went well so I feel good. I do need to find a new doctor up here and I suppose that glucose test is soon. I’m just trying to not stress any of that.
Exciting things this week: Hopefully finding a home!


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