Nursery planning

So basically the most exciting part of this whole being preggo thing (besides getting a bundle of joy at the end) is planning the nursery. I have been pumped about this since basically the moment I peed on that stick.

Obviously things were a little shaken up when we realized we would be moving, at 6 months preggo. I worried would we be in temp housing, would we have a cute room, would the wall colors be hideous. Basically all my fears were removed when we chose our newest abode. There a sweet little room perfect for P Bean.

The photos pretty much suck because the room is small, and I suppose I need a fish-eye lens. Anyhow I love this room because of the closet- the double doors just scream organization to me. Well and they are screaming to be filled with cute dresses!



I love the wall color though. I think it will be perfect. I am planning on accepting with LOTS of color. More to come soon on exactly what that will involve. I am still on the hunt for the perfect bedding.


Week 27



Morning sickness: hallelujah! It’s gone. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Although I have been really hungry in the mornings and sometimes that makes me feel sicky. I think I just need to eat better at night though.
Showing yet? Oh my yes. I am getting large. This week I went out and bought some cute maternity clothes. I stopped in H&M and got this top. So super cute and comfy. It also makes me think of spring which I am hoping is on its way.

Food: I love food. This is so nice to be able to eat again. I have actually done some cooking since we moved in. It is really nice to feel normal again. I have also had crazy cravings for sweet things. Go figure. Of course I wouldn’t crave something healthy like broccoli. Ah well.
Movement? I think we might have a little dancer on our hands. She has definitely been moving around a lot. Her favorite positions include hugging out my bladder, and squishing my diaphragm. 😁
Sleep: Eh. I am sleeping ok. I can’t get comfortable because I love to sleep on my back. Also I have to pee every 5 minutes. Oh, and my dreams are SO WEIRD. It hasn’t been terrible but sleep isn’t great. I do have a touch of pregnancy insomnia too. Overall, lovely.
Any other symptoms: My belly button is shrinking daily. Pretty soon it will no longer be an innie. I have a bit of preggo carpal tunnel. My fingers hurt? Super weird. I eats to pick things up and grasp. Sigh. I have had a little heartburn for the first time in my life. That is NOT fun. Especially not at night when you are trying to sleep.
Concerns? I have my first doctor apt with my new doctor office tomorrow. I’m interested to ask about my glucose test since – did I tell you- I failed. Whoops. I only did the one hour because I was transitioning up here. I am not super worried though. I’m sure we will figure it out. Also I need to register for some birth classes. Eh it will all happen soon enough.
Exciting things this week: We ordered the crib and glider this week! I am so pumped to start the nursery!