33 Weeks and Some Cherry Blossoms

Us at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.

We had so much fun this weekend heading up to DC to check out the cherry blossoms. I have always wanted to go but never wanted to deal with all the hassle in coming to such a crowded area when everyone else is visiting. It was amazing to be able to drive 10 minutes to a metro stop and then ride into the city. Brian and I are not used to that yet. Everytime we have come home from being in the city we just look at each other and say how weird it is that we were just on the metro. I love it though.

We did A LOT of walking which was awesome for me. My feet are paying the price now, even 3 days later! I have a little bit of swelling and they still are sore. I am so thankful though that I am able to do so much walking and getting around while being comfortable with only 7 weeks (tomorrow) left to go. Truly I feel so very lucky.

I feel bad for neglecting this space so much in the past few weeks. I know things were hectic with unpacking and baby preparing and such, but I wanted to do a much better job documenting this crazy pregnancy journey. Really, how many other people move in the middle of the pregnancy?

Anyways here’s the latest. I switched doctors, again. When I first moved up here I wasn’t worried about finding a doctor (thanks to this fab mom group I am in on facebook – great recommendations ladies!) I had settled on two different practices – both ranked highly online and with the reviews of the women in that group. I did some more review-checking of the providers and one doctor had really high marks so I went with that practice. Our first appointment was with a nurse practitioner which I thought was a waste of time. I know they wanted to get to know me but seriously, read my file. (I know, impatient) Anyway, I was already having some reservations because the front desk staff was incredibly rude and I just wasn’t “feelin’ it.” I went to the next appointment with the oh-so-highly-rated-doctor and Brian and I both did not feel comfortable. She didn’t seem to care and was not very helpful. She was quite cold, and she closed her eyes while talking to us. It seemed very impersonal. Apparently, I should have gone with my gut because at this point I was 30 weeks and to get into the other practice they had to “approve me.”

I was super nervous as to what to do – stick it out and hope I liked some of the other doctors, or switch. I knew it was really now or never since most practices have 3-4 doctors and I wanted to make sure I met them all before delivery (God willing). So I turned in my information to the other OB office and crossed my fingers. I sent an email also explaining that I just moved (I only sent them my information from my original OB and didn’t send the records from the local place) and had passed my 3 hour glucose test. Luckily, they took me no problem.

My first visit to this office was literally like night and day from the other. I immediately felt comfortable and the doctor I met with was amazing. She cared and went above and beyond in making sure I was doing alright. I told her about my inability to find a prenatal that didn’t make me sick and she found some samples of one that I am currently LOVING. Seriously gummies are delish – it’s like eating candy. She also did a full exam and wanted me to go have another ultrasound to check on my cervical length. I had a LEEP procedure in early 2012 and cervical incompetence is something that has been a concern throughout this. Fingers crossed that the other 3 doctors are also awesome, but I am thinking I made the right decision. It is good to know that it isn’t too late to change doctors.

Ok onto my 32 week update – yes I realize I will be 33 weeks tomorrow, but let’s just roll with this.

Morning sickness: None at all- thank god this part is gone!
Showing yet? I have really ballooned out in the last few weeks. I went home 2 weeks ago for my baby shower – a separate post is coming – and it was so fun to see my mom’s reaction to my belly. That was honestly probably one of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing her face when she saw the belly.
Food: I am eating more, and eating often. I have to eat slowly because this little girl is crowding my stomach but I am certainly not having difficulty. I have had some cray cray heartburn. Tums are my friends, but it hasn’t been nearly as bad this week as it was a week or two ago.
Movement? She is so squiggly. I found out at the recent ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta which is why I haven’t felt huge painful movements. This week we have been able to watch my belly move from side to side and I have even felt a foot in my side. It is so weird and crazy all at the same time. Seriously, there’s a baby in there?!
Sleep: Sleep usually sucks. I have crazy insomnia and I have pee constantly. Oh well, if this is the only thing that suffers I will take it. If I am super tired I just take a nap during the day. Most of the time though I can just power though it.
Any other symptoms: I thought my belly button would have been gone by now, but she is still holding on. It is tiny, but still an innie at this point.
I mentioned I am having some minor feet swelling, but like I said, I really think that is because I walked 5+ miles this weekend. Have we talked about my crazy teeth? This child is robbing me of my calcium. I had 7 cavities, one was filled. I went back to the doctor this week to have 3 more filled and I told him I wanted to the left side because a particular tooth was hurting. He looked at me all confused and told me when I was there ( a month ago!) there wasn’t a cavity in that spot. Low and behold, there was now. Thankfully he fixed it but I still have 6 more to go. So flipping embarrassing. So now I am trying to be diligent about brushing my teeth multiple times a day, using ACT mouthwash, drinking more water, and taking calcium supplements in addition to my new prenatal. Annoying!
Concerns? No concerns really. When the doctor ordered the ultrasound to check my cervix I got really nervous. The ultrasound tech told us it looked short so for the rest of the day I was convinced this child was going to come early. However, the next day my doctor called back and told me it was normal. Thank goodness. I am honestly not super worried about much. Just trying to figure out everything that I have left to get. I seriously have more lists than any one person should. I love writing everything down. One thing that has been super helpful is having a pregnancy notebook. I wish I had started this from the very beginning but I have this cute little notebook from Rifle Paper Co. that I have listed everything in. Gifts, things to buy, doctor visit notes, pediatrician info. It is so nice to have it all in one place and not be on 20,000 different pieces of paper.
Exciting things this week: I am doing lots of baby laundry so hopefully this week I will get most of that washed and put away. I can’t wait to head back to Roanoke for Easter this weekend. It will be nice to see mom and some friends.



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