Pregnancy Must Haves

There are several things which I have found to be absolutely necessary at this point in pregnancy. Mind you my first and second trimesters were pretty lame. I was sick a lot and then I was moving so basically I wasn’t focused a lot on pregnancy bliss.

First trimester
Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches
McDonalds Fillet o’ Fish sandwich
A good tv series to keep you company while laying on the couch!


Second Trimester
Half panel maternity pants from Old Navy
Hair ties to keep your old jeans still wearable (classy, I know- I’m still doing this with a couple of AE pairs. Seriously why doesn’t AE do maternity?!)



Third trimester
Full panel maternity pants from Old Navy
A decent selection of maternity tops. I have opted for a lot of solid tops that I can pair with fun scarves. (Thanks to Crystal for this suggestion)
I am also preferring to wear more regular clothes in a bigger size rather than maternity. I have a few maternity pieces I like but I would prefer every top NOT have rouching on the sides. Clearly I am picky.
THE SNOOGLE- don’t even think about it, get one!
Snacks- I am hungry ALL THE TIME. Such a welcome change from the last two trimesters. I like to keep a water bottle in my car at all times and have some snack in my purse. You never know when you might get hungry.
Comfortable shoes. I basically needed all new flats because most of mine were old and gross. I took this opportunity to pick up a few really cute, comfy ones. As much as I love wearing heels still I find that sometimes my feet swell if I wear them long. Also more people are apt to tell you how preggo women shouldn’t wear heels. Annoying- and yes, I am aware my purse is too heavy.
It’s all bad for the baby. ::sigh::


Sorry my second trimester must haves are lackluster. With the move it was just kind of a blur. So much travel and other things going on.

What are your pregnancy must haves? I am wondering if anything drastically new will pop up for me in the next 6 weeks. Only 6 weeks to go- ahhh!

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