35 Week Update


Morning sickness: Negative- but night sickness around 10-11pm, oh yea.
Showing yet? I just look at Brian and constantly say “big, big, big.” That is how I feel. Also I am short of breath a lot of times, especially when I am conquering the three sets of stairs in our townhouse. Honestly though, I’m glad we have so many stairs because I feel like it is forcing me to keep moving.
Food: I love food and am constantly eating. Dinner and then two bowls of cereal an hour later? Yes, that’s me. I picked up several types of granola bars at the grocery yesterday because I am always hungry.
Movement? She is constantly moving. I have been reading that movement decreases at this point because they are so big there isn’t enough room however, that is NOT the case with Peyton. I will mention that this week has been way more uncomfortable. This weekend she was either smashing my bladder which hurt and made me feel like I had to constantly pee, or shoved up against my cervix. My doctor described this sensation as “someone stabbing my vagina with a knife” TMI? Sorry, it’s factual. Basically I have started being uncomfortable. Hopefully it will pass, I don’t like complaining about it.
Sleep: Sleep has been going really well. Surprisingly I have not had to wake up as much in the middle of the night to pee. Also, I have just slept better in general. It has been pretty nice. Oh, and yes, I am still loving the snoogle.
Any other symptoms: The belly button is still an innie- but barely. The top wants to come out I think. I hope it just stays in there.
Concerns? I am starting to get a little nervous about labor. Not the actual labor part, more so about being afraid if I have to have a c section and of tearing. So I have been trying to read lots of positive birth stories and keep happy thoughts.
Exciting things this week: We finished out registry shopping this weekend! It was so much fun to finish it with Brian. I have been picking stuff up all along on my own and it’s just nice that he got to be there for the bulk of the purchasing. Lets be honest, spending money is fun! In addition, yesterday I ordered a monogram from Etsy to go above the crib. I cannot wait to get it and paint it. Ideally, I will be able to finish up the majority of the nursery this week. All that’s left is hanging stuff on the walls and some organization.


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