Nursery planning

So basically the most exciting part of this whole being preggo thing (besides getting a bundle of joy at the end) is planning the nursery. I have been pumped about this since basically the moment I peed on that stick.

Obviously things were a little shaken up when we realized we would be moving, at 6 months preggo. I worried would we be in temp housing, would we have a cute room, would the wall colors be hideous. Basically all my fears were removed when we chose our newest abode. There a sweet little room perfect for P Bean.

The photos pretty much suck because the room is small, and I suppose I need a fish-eye lens. Anyhow I love this room because of the closet- the double doors just scream organization to me. Well and they are screaming to be filled with cute dresses!



I love the wall color though. I think it will be perfect. I am planning on accepting with LOTS of color. More to come soon on exactly what that will involve. I am still on the hunt for the perfect bedding.